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Study online. Anytime. Anywhere. With a mentor. No prior meditation experience necessary. With monthly start dates and easy payment plans, follow these steps to become Certified Meditation Teacher, Holistic Empowerment Coach, Holistic Counsellor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Calm Mind College is an independent, privately owned training organization that is licensed to deliver approved training courses by Mind Body Education and IMTTA (International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Association).

7 Reasons why we’re recognized as worldwide industry leaders:
1. Our courses are certified, so you can get insurance.
2. Our curriculum is scientific, evidenced based, non-sectarian education developed by MBE & IMTTA, with over 12 years experience.
3. Our training is internationally recognized, in Australia and in 35+ countries around the world.
4. Our curriculum is industry approved, providing an extremely professional knowledge base.
5. All training includes receiving 1:1 support with a mentor (a real live person).
6. After graduating from Certificate foundation course, you’ll receive free support for one year, including access to resources and ongoing business mentoring and guidance.
7. Our college specializes in online training.

Anyone who has an interest in meditation and helping people. Typically, our students:
1. Want to learn how to meditate for their own personal growth perhaps choosing to teach or counsell now or at a later date
2. Currently are holistic practitioners keen to expand their skills such as Reiki masters, massage therapists, psychics, energy healers, yoga and Pilates teachers, etc.
3. Are professionals who want to enhance their practice or career by including meditation and holistic counselling including teachers, childcare workers, nurses, therapists, life coaches, psychologists, doctors etc.
4. Have a desire to help people and are looking to start or change careers in alignment with their personal beliefs

8 benefits when you’ll receive when you study online with us:
1. Courses are easy to access via the Internet.
2. Self-paced study. Suits your schedule.
3. Convenience. Study from home, a café or on the go.
4. No wasted time or extra money spent travelling to class.
5. Feel safe. Health concerns are eased, no live classroom settings.
6. Global. We welcome students from Australia and anywhere in the world.
7. Our online portal is compatible with all devices including: tablet, laptop and desktop.
8. Easy to use online portal makes learning stress free, especially if you’re not tech savvy!

We’re evidence based, scientifically researched education that covers an extensive range of topics including various meditation styles, holistic coaching and counseling practices, stress management, working with clients one on one and in groups, best practices for a holistic business, setting up and running a holistic business. Our focus is educating professional Meditation Teachers, Holistic Empowerment Coaches and Holistic Counsellors who desire to provide the highest quality service for their own students and clients. Check out the course descriptions for more details.
You can choose part or full time study. For example, for the Certificate foundation course: • Part time: 10 hours (approximate) of study per week over 12 weeks • Full time: 20 hours (approximate) of study per week over 6 weeks For specific timeframes for each level, go to the Courses section of this website.

We offer a high level of support:
1. For all courses you’ll receive 1:1 support with a mentor (a real live person). You choose as much personal contact as you want via email, phone, Skype and/or Zoom.
2. After graduating from Certificate foundation course, you’ll receive free access to resources, ongoing business mentoring and guidance for one year from the IMTTA.

You can start almost immediately once you graduate and receive your foundation Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development. Depending on whether you study part or full time, in as little as 12 weeks after graduating, you can begin!

No prior experience in meditation is necessary to enrol. All of our courses are non-sectarian, evidence based, scientifically researched education. We do encourage our students to meditate and make it a dedicated personal practice.

3 Reasons why it’s important to be certified:

1. Certification allows you to join an association and access insurance in Australia or in any of the 35+ countries.

2. It gives you credibility, especially if you’re starting out.

3. Helps you stand out from your competitors. Depending on which level you’ve completed, graduates can use specific letters after your name. For example, graduates with Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development may use: Cert.Med.(MBEd)

All of our students begin with the Certificate foundation course. Right from the start, you can choose higher levels such as Advanced Certificate, Diploma or Masters level. You’ll complete in sequence each level. And acquire the appropriate certificate(s) after graduating from each level. For example, if you choose Masters in Holistic Cousnelling. Here’s your order of study:

1. Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development
2. Advanced Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development
3. Diploma of Holistic Empowerment Coaching
4. Masters in Holistic Empowerment Coaching
5. Masters in Holistic Counselling

Another option is after graduating from the Certificate foundation course, choosing to study one or more of our 20 postgraduate courses or do the Certificate in Corporate Stress management & Holistic Training & Assessment. Contact us so we can help you design a program that’s right for you.

On your course start date, links will be sent via email for you to access the online training portal, meet your mentor and begin study. All course materials are well researched and presented in a very practical hands-on format, allowing our students to explore and experiment with the information provided.

Your training will include videos, meditations, exercises and activities, audios, and lectures. See the course description for each level. You’ll submit your course work via email for evaluation by your mentor.

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