Meditation Teacher Training Course

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Meditation Teacher Training Course

$997.00 AUD Pay in Full (SAVE $300)

Requirements: None

Study online!

11 December 2023-Enrolling now!
22 January 2024-Filling Fast!

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Study online! Become a certified Meditation Teacher & use Holistic Counselling skills for Meditation Teachers!

Course Outcomes

After graduating, you’ll be able to teach meditation, run meditation classes and workshops, work with clients using Holistic Counselling skills as a Meditation Teacher.

After you graduate, receive ongoing support for one year, free with the IMTTA. They can assist you in successfully developing your practice.

You’ll obtain professional insurance and register for full membership with any of the following associations:

• International Institute of Complementary Therapist
• International Meditation Teachers Association
• Complementary Medical Association
• International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine
• International Meditation Teacher Trainers Association

Description of Course Modules for Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development:

Module One/10 hours: Foundation studies in meditation
History and theory of mediation
Mediation in the western world
Brainwaves in meditation
Meditation techniques and styles
Developing mediation routines
Deepening and refining your practice

Module Two/10 hours: Understanding the cause & effects of stress
Understanding stress
Psychological causes of stress
The Fight-or-flight response
Physiology of the stress response
Human behavioral manifestations of fight-or-flight
Negative effects of the stress response in humans
Positive stress
Stress management
Meditation development and practice
Chakra meditation
Concentrative meditation
Mindfulness meditation

Module Three/10 hours: Foundations of human happiness
The psychology of happiness
Subconscious programming and reprogramming
States of mind
Fundamentals of self-image
The pursuit of happiness
Subconscious programming and reprogramming
Guided meditation (creative visualisation)

Module Four/10 hours: Tools for healing
Tools for healing
Positive thinking skills
Foundations of mind-body medicine
Meditation as a healing tool & hypnotic states
Journaling and gratitude
Understanding affirmations
Tools for developing a positive self-image
Meditation as a healing tool
Movement meditation

Module Five/10 hours: Meditation styles and techniques
Poses and positions
Chakras and energy meditation
Guided meditation & creative visualisation
Mantras and affirmations in meditation
Gentle seated movement meditation (formally chair yoga)

Module Six/10 hours: Teaching skills
Before you teach
Talking to groups & group leadership skills
Answering questions about meditation
Leading guided meditations
Overcoming obstacles to meditation practice
Creating safe and effective teaching environments
Group leadership skills

Module Seven/10 hours: Working with specific groups
Teaching various meditation styles
Working with teenagers
Working with people with physical disabilities
Working with people with emotional disorders
Working with health care professionals
Business clients and corporate groups
Dealing with difficult clients

Module Eight/10 hours: Counselling & coaching skills for Meditation teachers
A client-centred approach
Your role as holistic counsellor
Building the foundations of happiness
Outcomes of holistic counseling
The holistic counseling sessions
Assessment and introspection
Goal Setting
Support Part
Listening skills
Holistic counseling tools for meditation teachers
• Life charting
• Reflection time
• Needs assessment chart
• Gratitude journal
• Worry time
• Positive thinking skills
• Affirmations
• Meditation as a healing tool

Module Nine/10 hours: Designing and facilitating classes and workshops
Designing courses and workshops
Integrity and intentions
Setting the scene
Creating strong foundations for your groups
Understanding learning styles
Choosing your teaching style
Terrific teaching techniques and tips
Student management
Working with seniors
Choosing venues

Module Ten/10 hours: Virtual, corporate and community settings
Corporate stress management workshops-includes corporate teachers course manual
Approaching community groups and organisaitons
Volunteer and community work
Teaching online-Using Zoom
Corporate stress management

Module Eleven/10 hours: Holistic small business management
Ethics and Professionalism
Your public profile
Fundamentals of customer service
Maintaining student/client records
Charging for your services
Running a small home office
Joining organisations
Insurance and legalities

Module Twelve/10 hours: Marketing: The key to success
Understanding the power of branding
Targeted marketing and advertising
Building your community
How to find and use free advertising
Public image
Final review
Your graduation