Master Practitioner of Holistic Counselling Training Course

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Master Practitioner of Holistic Counselling Training Course

$6,097.00 AUD Pay in Full (SAVE $400)

Includes: Meditation Teacher Training Course + Advanced Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development Practitioner Training Course + Practitioner of Holistic Empowerment Coaching Training Course + Master Practitioner of Holistic Empowerment Coaching

Study online!
11 December 2023-Enrolling now!
22 January 2024-Filling Fast!

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Study online! Elevate yourself as certified Masters Holistic Counselling, Holistic Empowerment Coach, Meditation Therapist, Holistic Counselling skills for Meditation Teachers and Meditation Teacher!

Course Outcomes

On completion of the course, you’ll have the skills, qualifications and confidence to develop a solid general holistic wellbeing practice or a specialized practice, focused on more particular areas of interest in meditation, holistic counselling for meditation teachers, meditation therapist, holistic empowerment coaching and holistic counselling at the Masters level.

After you graduate, receive ongoing support for one year, free with the IMTTA. They can assist you in successfully developing your practice.

You’ll obtain professional insurance and register for full membership with any of the following associations:

• International Institute of Complementary Therapist
• International Meditation Teachers Association
• Complementary Medical Association
• International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine
• International Meditation Teacher Trainers Association

Here’s a list of requirements for Masters In Holistic Counselling

Unit 1: Masters in Holistic Empowerment Coaching
Unit 2: Holistic Counselling Skills
Unit 3: Clinical Practice
Unit 4: Case studies exam
Unit 5: Holistic Psychotherapy
Unit 6. Masters in Holistic Counselling Thesis

Unit Two/40 hours: Holistic Counselling Skills
• Creating safe environments
• Client Centred Therapy
• Understanding Anger
• Anger Management
• The Polyvagal Theory
• Ethics for holistic counselors
• Client Assessment

Required Reading:
Holistic Counselling- A New Vision for Mental Health by Dr Patricia Sherwood

The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy: Engaging the Rhythm of Regulation (Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology) by Deb A. Dana

Unit Three/50 hours: Clinical Practice
Case Study Sessions
Students will take five volunteer clients through hour-long counselling sessions each week for 10 weeks. Supervision and guidance will be provided via email to assist students with planning and facilitating the case study sessions.
Case study sessions maybe conducted in your own home, live via video conferencing (like Zoom) or at a well-being centre in your local area.
Volunteers will complete a review and email this to the college after each session to provide feedback on the students counselling abilities.

Unit Four/10 hours: Case studies exam
Write and submit an essay detailing the experiences gained through the case study sessions.

Unit Five/80 hours: Holistic Psychotherapy
• Meditation as therapy
• Introduction to holistic psychotherapy
• Psychodynamic Therapy
• Family Therapy
• Dialectical Behavior Therapy
• Interpersonal Therapy
• Thought Field Therapy
• Sand-play therapy
• Rebirthing-breathwork
• Neuro Linguist Programming
• Hypnotherapy
• Emotional Freedom Technique
• Expressive Therapy
• Drama and Role Play Therapy
• Art therapy
• Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)

Unit Six/80 hours: Masters in Holistic Counselling Thesis
Research and write a Masters in Holistic Counselling Thesis
• Develop ideas based on acquired knowledge and accumulated experience
• Complete a major research project
• Create a substantial piece of writing to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of selected topics