Master Practitioner of Meditation Teaching and Holistic Counselling Training Course

Online holistic course

✓ Our certified online holistic course is internationally and industry approved.
✓ Receive two qualifications: Combined Masters of Meditation Teaching & Holistic Counselling.
✓ As soon as you graduate, use these letters after your name: Mast.Med.Hol.Couns.(MBEd).

Congratulations! This time you’re at the top of the coaching and counselling career path!

Most importantly, you’re a positive force of change. Not only spending your working day helping people but also showing them how to live happier, healthier lives.

In fact continuing to uplift, refine your own voice and signature style. Without a doubt elevating the experience for your clients.

At the same time, running your holistic practice and adding to your expertise by studying online: the Combined Masters in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Counselling course.

Once you graduate, you’ll add what you’ve learned to your suite of services. Overall positioning yourself to offer the most comprehensive range of skills and assistance to your clients. Undeniably, there’s no competition. Because you’re head and shoulders above the rest!

Of course there are many career opportunities available!

So you maybe employed in private practice, running online sessions or workshops. Or employed in other areas such as health care centres, wellbeing clinics, health clubs, natural therapy centres and retreats.

Similarly, you may be working in gyms, respite centres and community centres. Basically any place with a focus on meditation, holistic therapy and positive self-development.

In short, you have numerous opportunities and are only limited by your imagination!

What’s more for this advanced online holistic course, you can choose full or part time study. And receive a high level of one on one support with a mentor.

Online holistic course
Online holistic course

Online Study and Support

At Calm Mind College we specialise in Online Study!

As a result, here are the benefits you receive by studying online:
• Such as easy access to our courses on the Internet.
• Coupled with self-paced study. Straightaway suits your schedule.
• Convenience. Whether you study from home, a cafe or on the go.
• So no wasted time or extra money spent travelling to class.
• What’s more, feel safe. Because health concerns are gone.
• Our college is global. That is to say we welcome students from Australia and from anywhere in the world.
• Of course our online training portal is compatible with all devices including: tablet, laptop and desktop.
• In short, our easy to use online training portal makes learning stress free. Especially if you’re not tech confident!

Then with our easy to use training portal, you’ll receive links for your course and submit your completed coursework via email.

Altogether your courses may include a variety of videos, meditations, exercises and activities, audios, and lectures that you can view on your table, laptop or desktop.

Additionally, you’ll receive a high level of one on one mentor support (with a real live person) with as much personal contact as you desire via phone, Zoom, Skype or email.

Also links will be sent via email on the course date allowing you to access the training portal, meet your mentor and begin study!

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the online holistic course, you’ll have the skills, qualifications and confidence to develop a solid, general, holistic wellbeing practice.

Alternatively, you can develop a specialized practice, focusing on your particular areas of interest.

This may include: meditation, holistic counselling for meditation teachers, meditation therapist, holistic empowerment coaching and holistic counselling at the Masters level.

After you graduate, receive ongoing support for one year, free with the IMTTA. They can assist you in successfully developing your practice.

Plus, you can obtain professional insurance and register for full membership with any of the following associations:

• (IICT) International Institute of Complementary Therapist
• (IMTA) International Meditation Teachers Association
• (IPHM) International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine
• (IMTTA) International Meditation Teacher Trainers Association

Requirements for Combined Masters In Meditation Teaching and Holistic Counselling

1st Unit: Masters in Holistic Counselling
2nd Unit: Postgraduate Certificate in Meditation for Women in Transition and Women’s Mid-Life Health and Wellbeing
3rd Unit: Postgraduate Certificate in Meditation for Men’s Health and Wellbeing
4th Unit: Meditation course design
5th Unit: 30 Hour case study

1st Unit/1,100 hours:
Masters in Holistic Counselling

2nd Unit/80 hours: Postgraduate Certificate in Meditation for Women in Transition and Women’s Mid-life Health and Wellbeing

• Introduction to Meditation for Women In Transition and Women’s Mid-life Health and Wellbeing
• Defining the Mature Woman (mid-life)
• The Mature Woman in Modern Society
• What Older Women Really Want
• The Role of the Therapist Working with Women in Mid-life
• Health Issues for Mature Women
• Menopause
• Empty Nest Syndrome
• Marriage Breakdown
• Career Changes
• Sexuality and the Older Women
• Positive Health Habits for the Mature Woman
• Tools and Exercises
• Diet and Nutrition
• Working with women from diverse cultural backgrounds
• Defining and meeting needs
• Working with Women Individually
• Herbs
• Hormones Research Project
• Working with Women in Groups
• Inner Goddess Workshops
• Running Women’s Retreats
• Open book exam based on the required reading book: The Female Brain

3rd Unit/80 hours: Postgraduate Certificate in Meditation for Men’s Health and Wellbeing

• Psychological issues for men’s health
• Love and self-love
• Sex & sexuality
• Emotional guidance strategies
• Alienation
• Relationship breakdown
• Working with Substance Abuse
• Suicide ideation
• Working with Suicidal, potentially suicidal & self-harming clients
• Alcoholism
• Drug dependence
• Working with the emotionally disconnected male
• Tools for healing

4th Unit/80 hours: Meditation course design

Then design a six-week meditation program comprised of six x 1 ½ hour sessions. Including mapping intent and processes of achieving the desired outcomes.

5th Unit/30 hours: 30 Hour case study

Finally, students are required to provide three detailed references from students who have studied meditation with them for more than a total of 10 hours each.

So when you enroll in our most advanced online holistic course, you’ll become a positive force of change. Helping people to live happier, healthier lives!


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