How Meditation Can Change Your Life For the Better + 6 Myths Debunked

Through out history, meditation has been used by almost every culture to improve their experience of life, increase mental function, balance emotions and improve physical health. Many believe if you practice meditation daily, you’ll discover life-changing benefits such as: Reduce stress Feel more positive Increase happiness Improve vitality Feel more peaceful Enhance clarity Boost Self-esteem Improve mental and physical health Better sleep But let’s face…

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What Is a Holistic Coach? This Is What Professionals Do

“ Wellness: The harmony between mind, body and sprit. ” When I read this quote, I’m reminded of how simple health and wellbeing really is. However with the stresses of our modern world, most of us become out of balance at some point in our lives. There is little anyone can do to help improve one’s health, peace and happiness until the effects of stress…

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Meditation Therapy: Shift Fight-or-Flight into Healing & Wellbeing

Initially, when I first heard about meditation, I thought it was for ‘special” people who practiced Buddhism or visited ashrams in India. Not for everyday, people like me. In fact it’s a common misconception many believe meditation is only used as a spiritual practice. As a young adult, I lived a frantic, stressful life so it was no surprise when my doctor gave me two…

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