Welcome to Calm Mind College. We are an independent, private college that is licensed to deliver the Mind Body Education training courses.

A word from the Director, Jane Otton.

I first discovered meditation soon after moving from the USA to Sydney about 20 years ago. I was curious to see if it could help me adjust to living in a new country as I was struggling to adapt to life in Australia.

In the beginning, I tried meditating alone but found it much easier once I received some guidance. Thankfully meditation helped calm my mind and eased my racing thoughts. I felt I’d been given a new way to handle change and happily settled in to my adopted country.

Meditation soon became my passion project. I studied various forms of meditation and holistic therapy over the years while at the same time working.

Bringing mediation into my former workplace and introducing my staff and clients to the benefits including reducing stress, practicing mindfulness and emphasizing laser like focus and clarity saw employee morale improve and client breakthroughs.

Fast forward to now. A special interest of mine at Calm Mind College is the mind body connection and how meditation can help improve your general wellbeing.

This is especially beneficial for women dealing with the changes mid-life brings such as embracing aging, coping with change, handling loss, empty nest syndrome, breakdown of relationships, new beginnings and managing menopause.

These issues can open the door to new outlooks and often lead to your second act-perhaps a new career or career change. My belief is mid-life can be a remarkably transformational time in your life.

If you have any questions about how we can help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Peace and blessings,